State Of The Union Address Drinking Game: 2019 Edition

The State of The Union Address is scheduled for 9 PM on February 5th, thus begins the planning of the SOTU Drinking Game. The game rules are as follows:

Step 1: Listen to the SOTU Address with WONK-FM. (If you don't want to watch, just drink anyway.)

Step 2: Find a responsible environment to "enjoy" the occasion.

Step 3: Drink anytime you hear the following:

Anytime President Trump does:

  • Bragging - Drink
  • Mentions of the media - Drink
  • "Winning" - Drink
  • Infrastructure - Drink
  • The Wall - Drink
  • Use of misused or made up term - Drink
  • Imaginary Statistic - Drink
  • Awkward Pause - Drink
  • Someone Mentions His Hair - Drink
  • Crisis - Drink
  • Regulations - Drink
  • Mention of Korea - Drink

Anytime the audience:

  • Camera shows an unhappy audience member - Drink
  • Break for applause but no one claps - Drink
  • Walks out mid speech - Drink
  • Melania looks completely disaffected - Drink

Anytime you would like to:

  • Drink

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