Says Tech Companies Are Looking For Different Qualifications, a company dedicated to helping grow the technology community network, has put out a report about how the tech world within Washington, D.C. has grown over the years, the skills have not.

The publication mentions that the increase in the number of tech jobs in the DMV can be contributed to the corporations that have moved their headquarters to the area. Companies like Amazon, Google and even a few of the major Social Media hubs are bringing of thousands of new jobs. But what is questioning is if these new jobs are requiring new skills or qualifications of their new employees. Are all of these new jobs really IT jobs, or are there other technological career skills or positions that the tech world of DC is over looking?

But don't worry, if you're looking to set yourself apart from the crowd, will help you find these jobs that are currently being overlooked. Their job board includes Data Science, Engineering, and many others. They actually holding a networking event for Women in the STEM world to celebrate International Women's Day. The conferences will help women gain those skills that these major tech conglomerates are searching for.