Lawmakers Want to Up America’s Long-Term Energy Storage Capacity

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In an effort to slash the carbon footprint and make the electric grid more reliable, two senators have introduced legislation that aims to improve long-duration energy storage technology through collaboration between federal agencies. 

Sens. Angus King, I-Maine, and Martha McSally, R-Ariz., on July 8 announced the Joint Long-Term Storage Act, which creates a program between the Pentagon and the Energy Department to “maximize the use of federal research funding to help technologies become viable, reduce bureaucratic barriers to interaction, and increase opportunities for researchers in both agencies to build on the progress of their colleagues.”

Long-duration energy storage would allow consumers to store excess energy for use during non-peak production hours. It would also make the grid more reliable by increasing the reliability of renewable energy, and bolster U.S. national security by slashing the need for the military to transport flammable liquid fuels. 

King said energy storage technology would be a game-changer, adding it would “make a major difference in the lives of the American people.” 

Lawmakers Want to Up America’s Long-Term Energy Storage Capacity