DHS Announces Plans for MBA in Security Tech Transition

Students in university

The Department of Homeland Security wants ideas from universities around the country on how to educate and better equip the agency’s workforce. 

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate announced July 23 a $10.5 million funding opportunity for a new DHS Center of Excellence to create an Executive Master of Business Administration program focused on security technology transition from federal research and development to operational use

The EMBA in Security Technology Transition Program will have three 2-year student cohorts, through a firm fixed price contract.

The center will focus on making DHS employees more business savvy through education and practical experience in the legal, technical and business aspects of research, development and transition to public and private sector security agencies. 

Courses include how to navigate established federal acquisition programs and alternative approaches to get technologies into operational use. 

Universities with high-quality MBA programs are eligible to apply.

The deadline to submit proposals is Aug. 9, 2019. 

DHS Announces Plans for MBA in Security Tech Transition