DARPA Seeks Game-changing Gamma Ray Approaches

Antiterrorism Tools on Display at Port Everglades, FL

The Pentagon’s emerging tech arm is looking for new ideas for high-intensity, tunable, narrow-bandwidth sources of gamma ray radiation in a compact, transportable form factor for uses in security, industry and medicine. 

The broad agency announcement from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Gamma Ray Inspection Technology program said these sources could help “discover smuggled nuclear materials in cargo, provide new non-destructive inspection techniques at various scales, and enable new medical diagnostics and therapies.”

Proposals should explore innovative methods that can meet or top the performance of current cutting-edge user facilities with a form factor that allows multiple defense applications to be achieved. They should detail research and development needed to meet the program goals and how the proposed technologies exceed the state-of-the-art. Risks should also be outlined and how to address them early.

Proposals are due Sept. 6, 2019. 

DARPA Seeks Game-changing Gamma Ray Approaches