New Partnership to Help Cultivate Army STEM Talent

Aerial shot of UNC Campus

In an effort to replenish the pipeline of Army engineers and scientists, the service is partnering with a multi-campus public university system in hopes of igniting students’ interest in STEM education.

The Army Research Laboratory said it had inked an educational deal with the University of North Carolina System to attract new talent to fill the vacancies after several thousand Army engineers and scientists retire.

The partnership will help create new partnerships between the Army and UNC System institutions and allow these colleges and universities to advance their own potentially groundbreaking agreements with the laboratory.

ARL said the deal will help it achieve three goals: encourage and enhance the study of STEM disciplines; provide technical assistance that will improve STEM teaching throughout the UNC system; and leverage regional collaborations in support of STEM educational goals that will benefit students, government, industry and nonprofit entities.

Under the agreement, the lab will help partnering institutions create and teach new courses as well as provide them with material and intellectual resources.


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