Google Phones To Detect Car Crashes

mobile phone with map GPS navigation in car. toned at sunset.

Google is working on a safety app that can detect car crashes and call 911.

The app will use the accelerometer and microphone in Pixel phones to determine if a crash has occurred.

The phone would then sound an alarm and if there's no response, it would call 911 with and provide the user’s location to emergency services.

The app would only be available in the US once the feature is rolled out officially.

Either by accident or intentionally, Google posted the Personal Safety app to the Google Play store and several screenshots. From those screenshots it seems as though the user will have at least two opportunities to confirm they are ok before Google starts the 911 process.

Google says the Personal Safety app uses motion sensors, ambient audio from the phone’s microphone, and the Pixel’s location to determine if an accident has occurred.

Google Phones To Detect Car Crashes