Tesla's Elon Musk Offers Solution For California Power Outages


SAN FRANCISCO —Tesla CEO Elon Musk is offering a solution to those affected by California's fire-related power outages.

In a series of tweets last week, Musk suggested that state residents buy his solar and battery setup to power their homes during the next blackout.He even offered a one-thousand dollar discount.

“Order Tesla Solar + Powerwall battery for 24/7 clean power & no blackouts!” Musk tweeted.

The company acquired rooftop solar installer SolarCity in 2016 in a $2.6 billion deal and offers solar powered roofs, solar panels, and home electric storage batteries.

Through a combination of the solar power roof, and their Powerwall battery for storage, a home can ride out a two day blackout. The basic set up starts at about $15,000 according to the Tesla website.

Responding to critics for the seemingly opportunistic offer on twitter, Musk tweeted, ““We don’t make much money on this product, so $1000 actually means a lot.”

Telsa is best known for their electric vehicle business. The announcement comes as Tesla is starting production of a new, more affordable electric SUV in 2020

Tesla's Elon Musk Offers Solution For California Power Outages