Federal Lawsuit Filed Against 'Woman Quota' Law

Confident, ambitious businesswoman looking away

SACRAMENTO, CA — A California law requiring public companies to have a certain number of women on their board of directors is now facing a federal lawsuit.

Senior Attorney Anastasia Boden says the law is unconstitutional, "we believe that the quota mandates that the companies do what the equal protections clause is meant to protect against and that is treating people differently on the basis of their immutable characteristics."

The Pacific Legal Foundation is challenging the state's requirement that publicly traded companies have at least one woman on their board by the end of this year and at least two or three by 2021, "t's held that explicitly with respect to race, and it also doesn't accept trying to create diversity that is, as far as a balance, and likely wouldn't accept it with respect to sex."

The foundation's suit is the second against the 'Woman Quota' law.A state challenge was filed by Judicial Watch back in August.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against 'Woman Quota' Law