People Can't Tell The Difference Between Trump And A.I.

President Trump Hosts The President Of Finland At The White House

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A new test finds that 60 percent of people can't tell the difference between a real President Trump speech and one generated by artificial intelligence.

The AI, created by Salesforce, was tweaked to mimic the President's style of speaking.People were asked to look at ten paragraphs on a variety of topics from the border wall to Obamacare.

The test revealed that those who were trying to tell the difference did worse than if they had just guessed randomly.

The new technology, called the Conditional Transformer Language (CTRL) model was released last month and is intended to study natural language patterns, and how to detect artificial text generation.

According to the company’s blog, “As with many powerful natural language understanding or generation systems, potential malicious use-cases do exist. Generated text (whether it is generated by an algorithm or a person) could be used to influence decision-making in economic, political and social settings and false attribution may harm individuals, organizations, or other entities.”

People Can't Tell The Difference Between Trump And A.I.