Facebook Linked To Lower Grades For Students

Tween girl doing homework, studying at laptop in kitchen

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Students who spend time on Facebook may see their grades slump.

Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia analyzed the grades of 500 freshmen and found that the more time they spent on Facebook, the worse their grades were.

Researcher Dr. James Wakefield points out that students spending more time on Facebook may already be low achievers.

"Our research shows time spent on social networking platforms puts lower academic achievers at higher risk of failing their course," Dr Wakefield says.

He says that they may be grappling with self-regulation and focus, so the time they spend on Facebook provides a distraction from their studies.

"Unlike other research on social networking use, we were able to tease out the differing impact on above average students compared to below average students," Dr Wakefield says.

It's time, he suggests, for those students to turn off their phones and cut down on time spent on Facebook.

Facebook Linked To Lower Grades For Students