Congress Approves Military Housing Bill

Military service member holding little cardboard house

WASHINGTON, DC —Congress is approving a bill that would overhaul America's military housing.

The National Defense Authorization Act would protect some 200,000 military families living on U.S. bases from health hazards including mold, lead, asbestos, and pest infestations.

Earlier this month, Arizona Senator Martha McSally says many of the private companies that provide military housing are slumlords.

During a Senate hearing on a GAO report on privatized housing, the lawmaker and former Air Force pilot said company executives should have to spend the holidays in the housing they provide.

Lawmakers say many military families are in substandard housing, and complain of mold, pests and leaks, among a host of other issues.

On Tuesday, Congress approved over $300 million dollars in funding for the measures.

The housing measures are part of a larger defense bill that passed in the Senate.

Congress Approves Military Housing Bill