Heather Locklear Talks Career Moments & 'Scrubs' Memories

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison are super excited to welcome Heather Locklear to talk about her time shooting a very important episode of Scrubs, “My Fruit Cups,” as well as her incredible career, a #MeToo moment that led to her asking to be uncredited in First Wives Club, the shadiness of pharmaceutical reps, and more. Then superfan Hayley comes on sipping an appletini to talk to the guys about living in the UK, being emotionally scarred by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, what the true meaning of Forever 21 is, and what lines other Scrubs characters said that the guys wish were written for them.

Donald’s thirty-second recap of the episode focuses on how pivotal the episode is for all the characters, and how it revolves around the unfairness of double standards: Turk and J.D. don’t mind robbing the hospital, but they can’t rob each other. Elliott likes her dad to take care of her financially, but also wants to make her own decisions. Dr. Cox is mad at Heather Locklear’s pharmaceutical rep character for sleeping around; meanwhile he has knocked up his ex, Jordan. By the end of the episode, each character has grown a lot, and “the hospital has become more of a backdrop,” Donald points out, “which is a preview of what’s to come.” Heather praises Donald’s Neil Diamond impression and loves the writing, and they get into a conversation about how difficult it is to cry during a scene; Zach tells a story from Garden State about crying that ended up changing the entire scene for the better, and Heather has a similar moment from the set of Dynasty. They both agree that too much crying or emotional breakdowns in a script “usually really doesn’t work,” because it’s just not true to life. “Use tears sparingly,” Zach advises any screenwriters out there. 

They introduce Heather to Funko Pops, reminisce about her time on set with Donald shooting Uptown Girls, and when she reveals that one of her favorite lines from the episode is when she gets to say “anal leakage,” the guys wonder if they can turn it into a ringtone. Then they welcome Hayley on, who’s wearing a Han Solo tank top and sparks a discussion about whether or not Solo was a good Star Wars movie. Hayley and Zach are both dating Brits, so they expect to live in the UK at least part of the time, but Donald doesn’t like the idea of Zach being so far away. They argue about the scooter Zach bought Donald for his birthday that he never rode, reel off a bunch of fake euphemisms for genitalia, wonder if chicken p**is is a delicacy anywhere, and discover the origins of the phrase “s**t-eating grin;” hear all this hilarity and more on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images