Scout Taylor-Compton Remembers The 'Gilmore' Days On 'I Am All In'

BIFF 2009 - Day 2

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Scott Patterson may have starred as Luke Danes on the iconic 2000s-era TV show Gilmore Girls, but he had actually never seen a single episode himself – until now. On his rewatch podcast I Am All In, he dissects every episode along with his producers Amy, Riley, and Danielle. It’s pretty delightful how much they geek out over the show; Scott sometimes seems to forget that he isn’t actually Luke, especially when the plot has Lorelai Gilmore dating another man, but he’s equally protective of Rory, getting riled up at any boy, classmate, or family member who treats her badly. On this episode, he even sits down with Scout Taylor-Compton, who played Dean’s little sister Clara, to hear all about her favorite memories from set, what it was like for her to be on set since she was so young, and of course find out if she’s Team Jess, Team Dean, or Team Logan.

Scout was only 9 or 10 when she landed the role, and she remembers being really excited but also nervous; the show was already a big hit, everyone was talking about it, and her mom loved it, so it was a pretty big deal. But fortunately the Gilmore cast didn’t let her stay nervous for long. “Everyone was so cool,” Scout says – Alexis Bledel was “so sweet…. and always reading,” Jared Padalecki “made me feel like I was really his sister,” and Scott and Sean Gunn “played with me – I remember I was making Sean do cartwheels with me,” she adds, laughing.

Scott asks her about her other projects, too, like playing Lita Ford in The Runaways, working with Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, and what Rob Zombie’s Halloween sets were like. They bond over music; Scott plays guitar and Scout is a drummer. “Are we going to start a band?” she jokes. He also learns that she got interested in acting because “I was always such a bubbly, talkative kid, but my dad was a coroner and a mortician. I didn’t have many friends. Nobody wanted to come to my house! Can’t imagine why,” she jokes. Plus, her thoughts on Rachel and Luke’s breakup, Max Medina’s 1,000 daisies, and much more Gilmore Girls goodness on this episode of I Am All In.

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