Donald Faison Isn’t Hitting On You On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

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Zach Braff and Donald Faison became best friends in real life when they played fake doctors on the hit 2000s-era comedy Scrubs. Now, twenty years later, they’re rewatching their iconic television series on their podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends. It’s everything a Scrubs fan would want: Tender words and hysterical nicknames between Zach and Donald; their favorite plotlines, punchlines, and pratfalls; their memories from behind the scenes; and sometimes a special guest like creator Bill Lawrence, or co-stars Sarah Chalke or John C. McGinley. Plus, their producers Joelle and Dan are often pulled into Zach and Donald’s frequent (and hilarious) tangents about Star Wars, Xbox, movies, pop music, shaving routines, tequila preferences, Broadway musicals, hip-hop, 1980s sitcoms, and so much more. On this episode, they talk about Zach’s character J.D. going the extra mile for his patient, whether or not Donald’s character Turk is the best surgeon at Sacred Heart, and a great story about Donald being a little too friendly with strangers.

In the Scrubs episode, all the surgeons at the hospital are vying for a job by bending over backward for Dr. Kelso. Todd ends up taking Dr. Kelso’s son to a steam bath to meet men. “Last we heard of Kelso’s son, he had a musical that was doing well called Dr. Dad, and he was hooking up with the actor who was playing his father,” Zach laughs. “Now Todd is escorting him to steam rooms.” They talk about how they would handle a same-sex proposition. “My wife tells me I’m too nice a lot because of how I treat strangers,” Donald says; once, a guy came to his house to see about selling a car for him, and Donald invited him to check out the room where he does stop-motion animation projects. “I’m just really proud of it!” The guy assumed Donald was coming onto him and kissed him. “I was like, ‘Dude, please don’t sexually harass me in my own house.’ And he said, ‘Well, s**t man, you told me to come to your animation room! Who the f**k invites you to an animation room?’” Donald laughs. 

But did he sell the car for Donald? “Yes he did, and at a profit, too!” Sometimes these things work out. Plus, should Zach and Donald start a Twitch stream? And if so, what game should they play? Donald suggests Settlers of Catan, but Joelle doesn't think Zach's ready for that one. However, Clue is a real contender. Hear their entire hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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