Ronnie Mervis, CEO Mervis Diamond Importers

Ronnie Mervis is CEO and co-founder of Mervis Diamond Importers. His focus is on high quality diamonds cut and polished to absolute perfection so that the brilliance almost blinds you. Because Ronnie is fanatical about the unbridled beauty of a diamond, he wages a constant war on diamond mediocrity. His favorite mantra is “a diamond on every finger”.

Known as King of Diamonds in Washington DC, Ronnie has established a world class organization specializing in consultative selling by appointment. Each client receives a complete diamond education, so every choice is an informed one.

Highly concentrated on the diamond engagement market, Ronnie Mervis proudly claims his organization has sent 20,000 happy clients down the aisle.

A born entrepreneur, Ronnie’s familiar voice with his uniquely South African accent is heard many times a day on Washington’s leading radio stations. His stories about his family’s experiences in the mining capitals of the world are legendary.

Ronnie is a firm believer in radio advertising, crediting radio for his firm’s household name recognition and success. His favorite pastime is golf, although he readily admits he spends more time in the woods than Tiger.

CEO: Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers

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