Phil Horvath, President & COO Ratner Companies

Phil Horvath was named President and COO of Ratner Companies in October, 2016.  Ratner Companies is the largest family owned and operated chain of hair salons in the country, operating nearly 1,000 salons in 16 states, and employing more than 12,000 salon professionals.  Its diverse brands include Hair Cuttery, BUBBLES, Salon Cielo, Salon Plaza and Cibu for Hair.

Phil has more than 25 years of beauty and salon industry experience, having worked at Ulta Beauty for the last 17 years. There he served as general manager/vice president of salon services, vice president of sales/operations, vice president of salon operations and director of salon operations.  

Phil has experience in leading aggressive growth in both the service and retail sides of the hair salon business. Prior to Ulta Beauty, he held positions in the Supercuts division of Regis Corporation. He began his professional beauty career at Denver-based Calco Hair, Inc., serving as vice president and president of the family business. Phil was raised in a family of hair salon professionals.   

Phil’s vast knowledge of all aspects of the salon business and his ability to think strategically has made him a sought after executive in the Beauty industry. His experience and results-oriented approach with both small and large companies has driven positive results for each company for which he has worked.   

Phil has a passion for this industry. He understands the importance of focusing on the development of its people and holds the core belief that we can help others achieve their dreams and goals. For Phil, business has to be about purpose and people and then prosperity will follow.   

Phil and his wife live in Vienna, VA. He has two teenaged sons. Having grown up in Colorado, he is an avid skier.

CEO: Phil Horvath, Ratner Companies

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