Joanne & Tim Hollindrake, Owners Regal Maid Service


Husband and wife team, Tim and Joanne Hollindrake, are the proud owners of Regal Maid Service. Together, they started out by operating a franchise location in Virginia. They’ve been so successful that they acquired the entire franchise, and now they’re focusing on helping new franchise operators fulfill their own entrepreneurial dreams. Their goal is to expand Regal Maid Service throughout the United States and to make the brand a household name.

Joanne Hollindrake has over twenty years of experience working in customer service, first in the travel industry and then in financial services. Joanne worked for Abbey National Bank in the UK for 16 years, beginning as a Financial Planning Advisor and eventually becoming a Mortgage Advice Manager.

As the President of Regal Maid Service, Joanne provides management support to help new franchise operators successfully launch their businesses. For the Sterling, VA location, she also interfaces with clients for price estimates and general feedback, provides training for new and existing staff on policies and procedures, and manages 35 full-time staff.

Tim Hollindrake operated his own cleaning business in the U.K. for thirty years. He was intimately involved in nearly every aspect of the business, from scheduling and meeting health and safety requirements, to payroll and supplies management.

He brings decades of operational leadership experience to his role as the Vice President of Regal Maid Services. Tim provides outstanding operational support to new franchise locations to train the staff and make sure that the new business is ready to receive new customers.

Tim and Joanne are from the Yorkshire Dales in England, and they moved to the U.S. in 2007 when a fantastic opportunity presented itself. They read about another English couple who emigrated to the U.S. and opened a cleaning business in Florida. The owners were actively seeking franchisees to expand to other states. For Tim and Joanne, it was the perfect opportunity. The Hollindrakes sold their house in England and Tim’s business, and opened a franchise in Virginia called Regal Maid Service.

In the beginning, the young franchise faced some challenges but Tim and Joanne were determined to succeed, and made “failure is not an option” their personal motto. Gradually, their business grew, car by car, until they became the company’s most successful franchisee. In 2015, the original franchisors were ready to retire. They approached the Hollindrakes and offered to sell them all domestic operations.

After careful consideration, Tim and Joanne decided to invest in their future, and accepted. They have now grown the business to 35 successful franchises in three states.

Tim and Joanne still love to travel and visit other places. Their favorite holiday destination is the sunny Cayman Islands, where they go to relax and enjoy the food and beautiful weather. They also love spending time with family and friends. They live in Virginia with their son Thomas and their dog Stanley.

CEO: Joanne & Tim Hollindrake, Regal Maid Service

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