Johnny Wilkinson, Founder of Five Star Home Health Care

Johnny Wilkinson has a 30-year leadership background in healthcare, retail, marketing and IT government contracting. Early in his career, he is widely recognized for his leadership in helping to shape the high-tech industry’s entry into the home and small business marketplace. Mr. Wilkinson was part of the Circuit City corporate launch team in 1991 that brought computers into the home for the first time through retail stores. He sees a similar sea change in what is happening in healthcare. Technology, clinical capability and consumer demands are bringing more healthcare into the home.

Since founding Five Star Home Health Care 14 years ago, one thing has been clear to Mr. Wilkinson: Seniors prefer living in their own home rather than in a facility. For seniors and their families, health issues can be frightening. Mr. Wilkinson has personally witnessed how “care silos” make the task of receiving healthcare more difficult than it has to be because healthcare events are disconnected and lack coordination.

When Mr. Wilkinson started the company, he found that most home health agencies exist to serve the temporary needs of patients after they leave the hospital. No one was delivering a complete, integrated and connected solution. He created Five Star Home Health Care with the mission to keep clients safe, functional and comfortable in their own home, by integrating nursing, therapy, personal care and medication management. In 2018, his company launched fully integrated solutions for in-home management of expensive and painful chronic diseases, such as heart disease, respiratory issues and diabetes. Patients, families and payers want a solution, not finger-pointing. It is Mr. Wilkinson’s personal mission to deliver on that commitment.

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