Anne Sennet, CEO, Saft America, Inc.

Annie Sennet has been a fixture in the space and defense industry for nearly 25 years, with a diverse experience that includes sales, marketing, purchasing, and management. Annie began her career with Gates batteries in Gainesville, FL which was purchased by Saft in 1994. She worked in France for Saft for four years where she became fluent in French, then spent a short time in the space solar cell/array industry before returning back to Saft in Cockeysville, MD. There, she worked as the Space Sales Director for several years before being promoted to Director of Space & Defense Sales, and then to General Manager of the Saft Cockeysville facility. She now serves as the Executive Vice President of Saft’s Space & Defense Division and President and CEO of Saft America, Inc.

Annie has won numerous awards internally at Saft and has been recognized by NASA for her leadership. She has been instrumental in building Saft’s space market presence and leadership in Lithium-ion technology in the industry, as well as guiding the group’s success in the defense battery markets for the past several years. She brings a wide range of global experience that benefits Saft’s space, defense, high performance racing, and commercial marine industries both in the U.S. and in Europe.

CEOs You Should Know: Annie Sennet, Saft America, Inc.