BarTrack - Our goal is to ensure the quality of beer and the consistency...


While in the final stretch of college, a couple of budding beer specialists realized a glaring problem and hatched an idea that was sure to attract the attention of anyone serving drafts.

Unfortunately, inconsistency in taste and quality of draft beer has become the norm. We frequently observed pours with unfavorable fluctuations in carbonation, taste, head, and temperature, which created a poor experience for those of us who love draft beer. This forced us to ask an important question: How can we optimize each bar patron’s drinking experience? This brewed our mission to standardize draft beer quality, so no matter where beer is poured, it is enjoyed the way the brewer intended.

As our three founders took a deep dive into the industry, they realized that our precious drinking holes also struggled to control draft shrinkage and waste; thus a business plan was born. Soon after came the good fortune of access to seasoned industry experts, beer-loving engineers, and trusted advisors. The rest was raw sweat, willpower, and some very precious luck. The routine of field research, meeting with bar owners, managers, and staff have helped us build a product that folks not only want, but need – for both the business and the consumer.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of beer and the consistency of its delivery, so that every patron receives a pour just the way it was intended. BarTrack improves margins and efficiency while delivering real-time metrics to the fingertips of business owners and managers. We are fortunate enough to have partners with over a hundred years of combined experience in operating bars, brewing, and draft line maintenance. This has spurred new ideas, products, and services that will change the status quo – forever. Our team has seen problems firsthand and firmly believe the best inventions are born out of solving personal problems.

Follow us on our journey to make the world of beer drinking a better place! Cheers!

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