Haresh Bhungalia, CEO, Casepoint

CEO - Casepoint

Haresh Bhungalia is a visionary and serial entrepreneur. As CEO of Casepoint, a global data discovery technology leader with more than 500 employees, Haresh enables growth and market penetration with a core focus on implementing robust business development capabilities and a scalable operating model, as well as customer engagement.

Haresh has a proven track record of building and leading successful organizations. He began his career at Arthur Andersen with a degree in economics from the University of Michigan, stepping through a handful of roles to learn accounting, technology, consulting and leadership. With that experience, came a hunger for not just business success, but life success. With his cousin, he co-founded 2020 Company, LLC, built it into a 650 individual organization, and led the successful exit.

The “economics of success” for Haresh extend well outside of the business world. He and his wife, Alpa, are actively involved in multiple charitable organizations focused on education and health care. In his spare time, Haresh enjoys traveling with his wife and three kids or cycling the trails of Northern Virginia.

Casepoint empowers corporations, law firms, and public agencies by providing innovative data discovery technology. Casepoint eDiscovery is the fast, enterprise-class, and next-generation SaaS eDiscovery suite from Casepoint, based on 12 years of innovation in the industry. It is built upon Casepoint Platform, a highly scalable, secure, and configurable application environment that meets the demands of sophisticated clients within eDiscovery and beyond. Casepoint eDiscovery features cloud collections, data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and productions — all in an easy-to-use web interface. Casepoint customers benefit from the ability to support sophisticated workflows across millions of documents and hundreds of users, with custom reporting and data management tools built-in. Simple, elegant, and intuitive, Casepoint represents the next generation of data discovery technology that empowers global teams.

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