Liza Rodewald, Founder and CEO, Instant Teams


Liza Rodewald is the Founder and CEO of Instant Teams, a technology platform that enables companies to create and manage remote customer success teams powered by a global workforce of military spouses.

She is a 4x entrepreneur and software engineer with over 16 years of technical experience. She has built multi-million dollar enterprise software for government and healthcare industries. Her passion for entrepreneurship came from her desire to have a more flexible lifestyle and lead her to advocate and shape the future of work for companies and workers.

Liza graduated with honors with a degree in Computer Science from the University of South Alabama. She is in the top 3% of graduates from the Founder Institute, and alumni of the Blue Startups Accelerator, named one of the Top 25 SheEO and a published Forbes author. She is also a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council and serves as a mentor for female founders.

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