No More Freeloaders In The Costco Food Court

Warehouse Retailer Costco Reports Quarterly Earnings

ISSAQUAH, WA -- The days of freeloaders getting a cheap hot dog and a Coke for $1.50 at the Costco food court without a membership are over.

Costco is cracking down on non-members accessing their food courts. The big-box retailer has always required a membership for entrance to the food court, but rarely enforced it. That is, until now. Mark your calendars, the new crackdown begins March 16th.

Many have been posting photos of store signs online, but there is word some locations might go easy on the requirement. Memberships start at $60 bucks a year.

But of course there is a loophole...if you have a Costco gift card, they will honor it without a membership. So if you're not ready yet to cave and pay the annual fee, but also don't want to skip your huge pizza for just $9.99, stock up on the gift cards.

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Jen Richer

A- #1 Costco-fanatic

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