Mission Report: Stimulus Vote Has House Rushing Back To DC


WASHINGTON, DC -- Lawmakers in the House are gearing up for a major vote. They're rushing back to Washington, DC some with concerns the coronavirus stimulus package won't pass by a simple voice vote.

There are fears Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie will request a recorded vote, meaning most House members need to be present to cast their votes.

Democrat and Republican representatives are now scrambling to get back to Capitol Hill so they can vote on the over $2 trillion dollar measure later today.

The massive economic stimulus bill, the largest rescue package in American history, was passed unanimously by the Senate late Wednesday. After expected passage by the House, the bill will be sent to President Trump for his signature.

Millions of Americans are awaiting relief from the congressional stimulus package, as unemployment numbers have reached record heights.

NBC News Radio Correspondent Michael Bower has the latest on what the Coronavirus means to the US economy.

Listen here for the full interview:

PM Mission Report

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