The COVID-19 Pandemic has Reached One Million Cases Worldwide.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic reached a grim milestone on Thursday, with the total number of cases topping one million worldwide.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the globe has recorded 1,002,500 total cases and more than 51,300 deaths. The global total was at 500,000 just seven days ago.

The U.S. accounts for nearly a quarter of that total with over 234,000 cases and 5,600 deaths. Italy has the most deaths with 13,900, followed by Spain with 10,000.

This brings up the issue of proper health care. I spoke with Emily Barson, Executive Director of United States of Care who has recommendations on the state and federal level for decision makers to make sure everyone has the health care coverage they need during this public health emergency.

Emily Barson

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