A Very Trumpy Valentine

So, Valentine's Day is a little less than a month away....and for your romantic planning purposes, I'm here to help!  There's a company selling those little, chalky, gross candy hearts with the president in mind. Make Candy Great Again, ya'll, with Trump Hearts.  The candy hearts feature such Trumpy sayings like: HUUGE,  U R FIRED, FAKE NEWS, WINNER, USA...and even one that just says "TRUMP," naturally. 

Trump Hearts 

Or, how about this.....if you wanna buy your lover a little Valentine's Day card....forget those cute little cut out cards with Emojis or Snoopy.  Get him or her Trump Political Cards instead.  There are 6 cards in a pack with sayings like: "I want you on my side of the wall," and "I want you to look at me the way Bill looks at Melania."  Awesome. 

Trump Cards

And, you're welcome.