A Snack Bjorn

Because grabbing an Utz Potato Chip and immersing it in Onion Dip is sooooooo taxing.....Reynolds has introduced the new Hunger Harness.  It's like a Baby Bjorn.....for your snacks.  The timing of this ridiculousness is not lost on me.  Superbowl is coming up in a few weeks, and we all know the most important part of the big game is the food, right?  

Pic Courtesy Of Reynolds

Let me tell you what this thing is all about.  You strap it to your chest, like a harness, and load it up with your snacks, so everything is at the ready to shove in your piehole.  It keeps your wings warm, keeps your dips cold....and even has pockets for chips, drinks, etc.  But wait!  There's more!  It even has a fold out "tray" to help assist you while you're feasting.  

The best part?  The Hunger Harness is only $4.99.  It's gonna sell out fast.....because us Americans are lazy and reaching for food is just too exhausting.  So, put on your stretchy pants and head over to this website to get yourself one:


What's your fave Superbowl snack?  

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