I Got a Puppy. Help.

For years and years, my 12 year old daughter, Sammy, has begged for a dog....saying I'm "depriving her of childhood memories."  Yea, she lays it on thick.  It's been Me vs. The Rest of My Family, and just like Donald and Nancy, none of us were budging.  It's not that I don't LIKE dogs. I had dogs growing up.  It's the responsibilty of HAVING a dog.  And, I never wanted to be THAT PERSON walking around the 'hood with a plastic bag of poop in my hand.  

But, I caved. After all my hell no's......somehow, they broke me down and spit me out.  And, a week ago, our new puppy invaded my house.  No one liked my first choice of names: Snoop Dog (only one "G," as I was trying to be respectable).  I really should've put my foot down and gotten naming priviledges, but, again, I caved.  We finally all agreed on Charlie. 

We got Charlie at a rescue.  The foster mom proclaimed Charlie was "The sweetest puppy in the litter, totally chill."  This is Charlie:

Ok, that's what Charlie looks like to me anyway.  This is really Charlie......the little chill mutt pup that sticks her dagger teeth into anything that comes close:

You got any puppy advice for me before I run far, far away?  

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