Grab your stretchy pants, we're going to Atlanta!

Superbowl is this weekend. I have no horse in this race, so I guess I'll just throw shade at the Patriots like the rest of America. But, let's be honest, Superbowl is ALL about the fatty foods you shovel in, right? Maybe you're planning on watching with friends and whippin' up a spread. You'll likely have copious amounts of cheese all melted on top of tortilla chips. Probably will fry up some spicy wings. Maybe have something dippy in the spread. Sounds fab. But, if you are hoppin' a plane and heading to Atlanta and actually going to Mercedes Benz, you are in luck. They've got some damn fine looking eats. Like the Chicken Waffle Bowl:


This is brilliant. Tempura battered chicken tenders, waffle fries and honey hot sauce all stuffed inside a waffle bowl. On the side: Kool Aid Pickles! Holy hell. I'll take that to start. Then, let's move on to the Burnt End Nachos:


OMG. These chips are loaded with the burnt ends of brisket, which, let's be honest.....THE BEST PART. You also get a white cheese sauce, Budweiser BBQ sauce and jalapeños. I mean.....dang. And, I'm not much of a Mac n Cheese chick....but they have what they call a Mac N Cheese Boat. It's a BOAT filled with carby goodness! Get in my belly.

And, I'm not much of a mac n cheese chick....but they have what they call a Mac N Cheese Boat:


I's a BOAT of carby goodness! Aye Aye, Captain! Road trip, anyone?

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