Dammit, Trump!

Is your house filled with all sorts of Trumpy Stuff? I'm not just talking about a MAGA hat. I'm talking, like The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder . This thing is brilliant. I'll let ya just take a look, so I don't have to explain where the pen is placed.

Ok, that was fun. And, then.....there's this, which in my book, is a total necessity:

I mean, right? The President Trump Chia Pet Head . It'll set ya back $24.95 and the makers " cannot guarantee seeds will grow in a similarly coiffed presidential styling." And, today, I came across this gem. You know what a Dammit Doll is? Basically, it's a stuffed anything that you punch. And, hit. And, slam. And, stomp on. You can do whatever you need to do to get your frustrations out on this thing. Well, this one is in the form of Trump.

The doll is pretty hilarious looking. What's even funnier is how it's described on the website : "Whether you're blue or you're red, slam this doll and leave nothing unsaid! When your duties become overwhelming and you don't know who to turn to, Dammit Doll is here to add some fun to your day. Grab this Limited Edition Dammit Doll and start slamming your frustrations away. Remember, no one can bring you down!" Need.

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