Fried Chicken.....and Milk.

We've been tight for, 2 months now? So, you pretty much know I'm obsessed with all things food. This one is cray cray....and I MUST try it. The people behind Honey Bunches of Oats are jumping on the ubiquitous Chicken and Waffles bandwagon.....and they've made it in cereal form. How, you ask? Right. I had the same question. It looks like little, teeny-tiny, crunchy waffles and little, teeny-tiny, crunchy chicken legs that you drown in milk. Sure, it's adorable. But, does it TASTE like fried chicken cereal? Because that's just weird. It's supposed to do the whole salty/sweet my guess is no chicken in milk. I'd still try it out. Take one for the team. Or, just go to Capital Chicken and Waffles in DC for the real deal. Ok, that's better.

Oh, by the get this madness, you have to go to Walmart. That's the only place crazy enough to sell it. Check it out, here.