Move over Lucky's......I'm only in it for the Charms.

When I was a mom would NEVER buy my sister and me any sugary cereals. We begged for some Cocoa Pebbles. We pleaded for some Corn Pops. We yearned for some Sugar Smacks. She wouldn't budge. She referred to Cap'n Crunch as "Crappin' Crunch," because she's a classy lady. We suffered through our young lives with endless boxes of Cheerios, Rice Krispies, the occasional Chex. We were surely sugar cereal deprived. We were never treated to anything like Crunch Berries or Fruit Loops or.....the ONE we wanted the very most....Lucky Charms. I remember going to my cousin's house for sleepovers. We would HOARD the Lucky Charms. We savored every last bite......of the Charms, that is. Because, really, who wanted the Lucky's? Not me. I only wanted those cardboard-y, chalk-y yellow moons, orange stars, pink hearts, and green clovers. And, when my Aunt would yell: "Who ate all the Charms and just left the Lucky's?" I wouldn't budge. But, it's payback time now. My daughters DO get some of the sugary cereals they request.....but, they also do exactly what I did to that box of Lucky Charms and I do exactly what my Aunt did and I yell at them. So, now, General Mills to the rescue. They have made boxes of all Marshmallows. All Charms. No Lucky's. But, YOU have to be LUCKY to get one. It's a contest, ya'll....but I'm sure you'll be able to find 'em on Ebay for a fortune. And, you may just have to bid against me for a box.

Courtesy of Lucky Charms

Here are the contest details.....You Marshmallow Loving People!