Put on the stretchy pants.....It's National Burrito Day!

Did you participate in Taco Tuesday this week? Well, today is yet ANOTHER day to inhale meat and beans and cheese and tortillas. It's a holiday, ya'll. National Burrito Day is here (insert angels singing, please)! So, put on your fanciest stretchy pants and get ready to chow down....because many of your fave Mexican chains are offering up the meat on the cheap. Or something like that.

CALIFORNIA TORTILLA: Buy One Get One Free....but not today. Let me explain. You buy a burrito or burrito bowl today at Cal Tort, and then get another for free anytime from April 5th to April 12th. You gotta be part of their Loyalty Program to play along. And, yes, I said "Cal Tort" not "Cal Tor." There's a battle in my house on that one.

MOE'S SOUTHWEST GRILL: Bring in a fiver, get a burrito.

BAJA FRESH: Grab a coupon off their Facebook or Insta for a $5 buck burrito.

QDOBA: If you belong to their Qdoba Rewards Program, you'll get triple points today. Kinda boring, but still.

CHIPOTLE: They're catering to those who wish to wear their fat pants AND not leave their seat. They're hook you up with free delivery all day today through their app, website or Door Dash.

CHUY'S: They're doing some good (besides just filling our bellies).....$1 from every Big As Yo Face Burrito sold today will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

ON THE BORDER: They said "forget burritos," and are offering up a chicken fajita special instead. I don't understand why, but hey...isn't Mexican food pretty much all the same just packaged in different ways? Anyway, I'm sure it's delish and it's $9.99.


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