Curefest is this weekend, featuring Daughtry!

The Daughtry Acoustic Trio at Curefest

It's gonna be a gorgeous weekend and thousands will descend on the National Mall for an amazing event. It's called Curefest....a 3 day festival that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer. I think we all have been touched one way or another by childhood cancer.....and Curefest sets out to give a voice to everyone impacted. It allows families to tell their stories. It's a community coming together to make a difference.

And, ya'll have heard of a little band called Daughtry, right? Of course you have! The Daughtry Acoustic Trio is headlining the festival and guitarist, Brian Craddock told us all about how they got involved.

Daughtry Guitarist, Brian Craddock on Curefest

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