My Inner Fat Kid Needs This. Stat.

Hardee's doesn't just HAVE THE MEATS. They now have this hot mess: Thanksgiving in a Box. So, no need to cook up a whole feast anymore, not when you can get Stuffing Chicken Tenders. Yea, you heard me right. These babies are 100% all white meat chicken, hand breaded with herb stuffing and sage. Your Thanksgiving in a Box sides include Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. No stupid marshmallows here. Just pure deliciousness that is sweet potatoes fried in a sweet waffle batter (I'd pretty much eat a shoe lace if it was fried). Plus, you get some Toasted Onion Coated Green Beans, which could be good, because, again, they are fried....but I'm guessing they are probably barfy. You on board with this??? Triple fried in one box.

See the goodness here: Thanksgiving in a Box

The National Thanksgiving Turkey "Libert

The National Thanksgiving Turkey "Libert

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