The Fried Fried Ugly Christmas Sweater You Have to Have!

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich hype is still real, ya'll. And, this time, the fried fried comes in the form of polyester knit. There is a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Holiday Sweater in existence and getting your hands on this gem isn't as hard as getting that sandwich when it first came out. It's an orange and white striped sweater featuring the famous fried sandwich, complete with snowflakes and Christmas trees. Festive and fatty. It's $44.95, so not too bad....and comes in sizes going up to triple XL, which coincidentally is the size you'll be if you keep eating these fried chicken sandwiches. Amirite?

I'll be here all week. Tip your bartenders and waitresses.

And, btw: if fried chicken isn't your thing, but cheddar bay biscuits get ya all hot and bothered.....Red Lobster is out with a holiday sweater, too. You're welcome.

Check it out here: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Holiday Sweater


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