Man Suffers 9-Day Erection After Bruising Taint in Moped Accident

The headline says it all, right? I cannot imagine the pain this dude was in!

From Gizmodo:

The bizarre tale was described by the UK doctors who treated the man, in a case study published last month in the journal Case Reports in Urology.

According to the report, the 35-year-old man had fallen off his moped nine days before his visit to the ER. At first, he only seemed to have bruised his perineum, the area between the genitals and anus that’s commonly known as the “taint.” Before long, though, the man developed an erection that lasted far, far more than four hours. While the erection itself wasn’t painful and there were no other symptoms, he did have to deal with “mild discomfort on walking.”

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