David Miller, B.K. Miller Company

Born, raised and currently residing in historic Southern Maryland, David Clifton Miller is a true Marylander. The eighth of ten children, he developed his competitive nature & sharp negotiation skills at an early age.

After college, with his father insisting he ‘punch in for life’ at the local family business & his mother pushing him towards law school, he decided to take some time to travel the world. He traveled extensively & adventurously through Central & South America, eventually ending up with a stake in a farm on the ocean in Costa Rica. His strong sense of duty to his family drew him back to the family business. Upon his return he worked by his fathers side, learning the business lessons that had been passed down through the generations at B.K. Miller since 1913.

David ultimately focused on the distribution aspect of the business, creating a much larger, new incarnation of B.K. Miller Company. As business flourished, the bottled water industry exploded. The proliferation of plastic materials was concerning, and David saw a need in the market place. He envisioned a product with a 100% recycled bottle. It was also a reasonable way to learn about branding and market since his business focused primarily on distribution as well as a great way to mentor the new generation of BK Millers as his father had done.

As a person, David is extremely intelligent but loyal to a fault. He relishes his victories but has empathy for the loser (well, most losers). He’s a great business man but not as good as he is a father & husband.

Close Up: David Miller, B.K. Miller Company

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