Deepti Malhotra, Founder and CEO, VMD Corp

Deepti Malhotra is the founder and CEO of VMD Corp, an award-winning federal government contractor headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. VMD employs about 170 people in the DC area and a total of nearly 400 people nationwide who work in IT, cybersecurity, program management, homeland security screening and more.

VMD stands for “vision, mission, driven” reflecting to the market both how VMD operates on behalf of its customer programs, and the characteristics of the team. VMD employees are smart, strategic professionals who thrive on solving customers’ toughest, mission-critical challenges.

A fast-growing organization, VMD helps its customers execute on their missions more effectively and efficiently, which means that numerous federal programs – and the people who work on them and depend on them – perform better.

VMD is a proud supporter of Women Giving Back, an organization that donates supplies to women in crisis to help them get on their feet.

CEOs You Should Know - Deepti Malhotra, VMD Corp

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